/Trump to the Barricades

Trump to the Barricades

Trump to the Barricades

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The former guys is suing Facebook, Twitter, and Google for violating his 1st Amendment rights by keeping him off their platforms. 

Perhaps someone should remind him that they’re private companies to which the 1st Amendment doesn’t apply.

Presumably Trump or his lawyers know this. The purpose of the lawsuit isn’t really to win it. It’s to give him more ammo for his incessant grifting – raising more money from followers who are eager to show their support for him, now by “sticking it” to Facebook, Twitter, and Google. 

The irony here is that in many respects Facebook, Twitter, and Google are mini-governments. They’re monopolies with extraordinary power over both the economy and our personal lives. They should be brought under control – but by antitrust laws and government action, not by a failed president who has used them to sow lies and inspire sedition.