/The 16 Best Survey Software and Questionnaire Tools in 2019

The 16 Best Survey Software and Questionnaire Tools in 2019

Data is critical to ensuring you’re running an effective marketing campaign and truly delighting your intended audience — in fact, companies who adopt data-driven marketing are six times more likely to be profitable year-over-year than companies that don’t.

But collecting data can be tricky, and oftentimes doesn’t paint a full picture. Blog traffic is great, for instance, but doesn’t necessarily tell you how a consumer is perceiving your brand.

To obtain an accurate depiction of your target audience, brand, and consumers, it’s vital you invest in survey software and questionnaire tools.

Survey and questionnaire tools can help your team test new products, gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and further identify user sentiment about your brand. With this information, you’re better equipped to serve your audience the most relevant and useful content, services, and products.

There are a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to software providers — to help you find the best, we’ve cultivated a list of the best survey and questionnaire software in 2019. These tools will help you create surveys, polls, quizzes, and web forms, which are then distributed to product users to conduct market research, or request feedback and opinions.

Before we dive into our list, let’s explore some of the essential features you’ll want to see from any survey tool.

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Essential Features for a Survey Tool

You can send out surveys in either pop-ups on your website or email blasts, but all survey tools should have a few crucial characteristics:

  • Allow the creation and customization of questions
  • Gather, report, and archive response data
  • Be shareable and distributable

While these are the most common features, it’s always a good idea to understand what the use cases will be for your survey software. This will allow you to determine whether you need a tool with more advanced features.

Some of the professional survey tools will allow for functions such as:

  • Intelligent survey logic: users can skip certain parts of the survey, based on previous replies
  • Piping: insert answer text from a previous question into another question
  • Randomization: randomize the order of your questions, so that users are not tempted to pick the first option just because of placement
  • Question morphing: when dealing with complex surveys and multiple answer questions, it’s useful to be able to change the type of question your are building, rather than start anew

Next, let’s explore some of the top-rated survey software and questionnaire tools on the market today.

1. HubSpot

As the ultimate activity center for marketing and customer support specialists, HubSpot includes its own online survey tools with its platform. HubSpot allows businesses to collect feedback from their customers with surveys, net promoter scores (NPS), customer effort score (CES), and customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT). The tool is easily customizable, and allows you to choose the best type of survey for your goal. Plus, you can use the analytics and reporting tools to figure out how to improve your business.

Price: Starts at $400 per month

2. Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace is software used to make attractive, interactive, and mobile quizzes and surveys. Companies like Capgemini, Eneco, EDF and Bare International use this tool to get closer to their customers in an engaging way. These surveys are easy to interact with and use the latest mobile features, making sure you get the best feedback for your company. The vast majority of users are praising both the beautiful design and the abundance of customizing options.

Price: Basic is free, and Professional is Essential $45 per month (there are also essential and enterprise packages)

Image source: SurveyAnyplace.com

3. Nicereply

Nicereply has been around for a while, and provides businesses with tools to build customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS), and customer effort score (CES). The tool integrates with many popular CRM’s including HubSpot, SalesForce, and Zendesk, and has analytics and tracking functions.

Nicereply has a beautiful interface, but it also easily customizable without any coding necessary. While most user reviews are positive, some customers do note the lack of a mobile app for Nicereply.

Price: Mini for $39 per month, Start for $79 per month, Grow for $159 per month, and Business for 239$ per month

Image source: NiceReply.com

4. Advocately

Advocately allows you to run customer advocacy programs that will generate reviews, referrals, and case studies. The tool allows businesses to automate review generation campaigns via email and print.

Best of all, businesses can control their reputation by catching unhappy customers and resolving their issues before they ever reach review sites. It includes an analytics function that allows you to estimate the ROI of your reviews and see the trends in the content of reviews.

Most users are impressed with how easy it is to setup and customize. They also praise the quick response of Advocately’s customer support team.

Price: Quote on demand

Image source: F6s.com

5. MySurveyLab

MySurveyLab is an online survey tool and questionnaire software that enables you to create surveys, automate response collection, and generate reports.

The tool also allows multiple data collection channels, including PC/laptop, mobile, SMS and QR Code surveys, as well as multi-language support. It integrates with most of the popular CRM and helpdesk systems. Most users appreciate the way the dashboard is organized, and how easy it is to set up surveys.

Some users believe the design could use a refresh, but it’s not essential.

Price: Starter for $29 per month, Standard for $39 per month, Professional for $149 per month, or Enterprise, which requires custom pricing

Image source: MySurveyLab.com

6. Centiment

Centiment is an innovative tool you can use to survey nearly any consumer or B2B audience. It uses a strategic mix of consulting, proprietary neurodata, and AI to provide insights that help drive business strategy. Centiment relies on human thought to empower truly diverse and purpose-driven content strategies that empower and engage consumers.

Price: Quote on demand

Image source: Centiment.com

7. Delighted

Delighted offers a variety of ways you can gather feedback on your service or product, including NPS scores, customer satisfaction, customer service effectiveness, stars, smileys and thumbs up/down. You can survey customers via email, SMS, or a link, and the feedback arrives in real time.

Customers mention the easiness of the app configuration. Additionally, Delighted offers impressive customer support to help you create a better workflow. However, according to users, there are a few hinges with the tagging and filtering functionality.

Price: Free to start, and then $89 per month for one platform and up to five users, $224 per month for all platforms and up to 10 users, or custom pricing for Enterprise

Image source: Delighted.com

8. Pollfish

Pollfish is a self-service market research survey tool offering real-time responses from consumers worldwide. It allows you to create surveys quickly and efficiently. The poll boasts over 600 million users globally, so you have a large potential reach.

However, with such a large survey pool, it’s important to check segmentation capabilities to ensure you’re getting the insights you need for your particular business. The tool is best used for use cases like building personas, concept testing, NPS, or online reviews of applications.

Price: Free to start, $8,400 for Business, and $24,000 for Enterprise

Image source: Pollfish.com

9. YesInsights

YesInsights is a customer feedback tool that lets you receive instant customer feedback through NPS surveys across all platforms, including email, blog posts, and social media. Users are impressed with how versatile the surveys are, and how easy it is to customize them. Additionally, the tool offers plenty of integrations, making it easier to reach more customers.

Price: $20 per month for Personal, $79 per month for Startup, $149 per month for Growth, and custom for Enterprise

Photo source: YesInsights.com

10. Startquestion

Startquestion is a system for creating questionnaires, ranging from simple surveys to advanced forms. It has over 50 patterns to customize your surveys, allows you to send surveys as a link or in an email, and has analytics and reporting export functions.

Startquestion has a very easy-to-use interface, and users are mostly thankful for the pre-made survey options.

Price: 14-day free trial, 49$ per month for the Business Account, 99$ per month for the Enterprise Account, and custom pricing for the VIP Suite.

Image source: Startquestion.com

11. BirdEye

BirdEye is a SaaS platform that helps businesses get closer to their customers. Their survey solution captures real-time feedback and ratings across multiple channels, including review sites, social media, and surveys.

This all-in-one software includes review monitoring, review generation, review marketing, customer surveys, social, support ticketing, listings, webchat, business insights, and competitive benchmarking. Most users appreciate both the speed and ease-of-use for this survey tool — additionally, it doesn’t have a huge learning curve, so you can get started immediately.

Price: $83 per month for Starter, $200 per month for Standard, $250 per month for Professional, and custom pricing for Premium.


Image source: BirdEye.com

12. Google Forms

If you are new to creating surveys and questionnaires, you might already be using Google Forms — it’s the beginner’s go-to option and one of the most popular free online survey tools available. Google Forms offers a wide range of options for online surveys. If you’ve used some Google products before, such as Google Sheets, then you’ll have no problem setting up a Google Form. However, Google Forms doesn’t allow for very complex analysis of data.

Price: Free

Image source: GoogleDocs.com

13. HotJar

HotJar creates feedback and analytics tools to improve your website visitor experience. It offers polls, surveys, heat maps, conversion funnels, form analysis, and even test users. While HotJar is typically considered a platform for website optimization, it still provides impressive survey features to collect user feedback. Plus, HotJar offers some of its features for free so you can try it before paying for any additional functions.

Price: Free for Basic, $29 per month for Plus, $89 per month for Business, all the way up to custom pricing for Agency

Photo source: HotJar.com

14. Arbit

Arbit is a survey and market research platform that connects you with your target audience.

The company sources respondents to make sure that you receive the highest-quality responses for the most cost-effective price. Arbit’s team also offers consultative services to help you build your surveys and better analyze the data and analytics, providing both a DIY platform and a DIWY (Do-It-With-You) platform and service, depending on your company’s needs.

Users rate this tool as cost-efficient. While there are a few complaints about the dashboard settings, it’s nothing that damages the workflow.

Price: Quote on demand

Photo source: Arbit blog

15. Typeform

Typeform helps you collect feedback, sign people up for events, receive job applications, take payments, and create engaging quizzes or interactive stories. Users love the intuitive interface, the app’s design, and the interface’s ease-of-use.

Price: Free for Basic, $30 per month for Professional, and $59 per month for Pro+

Image source: Typeform.com

16. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a SaaS company that enables companies to gain valuable insights from their prospects and customers in real time. Understanding the “why” helps drive better business results — from improving your web conversion rate to increasing product engagement and reducing churn. Most users are happy with how easy it is to work with Qualaroo surveys. Additionally, they find the tools and export capabilities relatively simple.

Qualaroo offers an interesting approach to measuring user feedback called “Sentiment Analysis” by IBM’s artificial intelligence, Watson. By using AI in their approach, Qualaroo is able to collect users’ opinions, quickly analyze the data, and provide suggestions for improvement. Given its features, Qualaroo is one of the more sophisticated tools on the market, and the price tag reflects that.

Price: $199 per month for Startup, $499 per month for Growth, and $2,250 per month for Turbo Growth

Image source: Qualaroo.com

There are a whole world of survey and questionnaire tools out there waiting for you to explore. Be sure to analyze your use cases to ensure the tool you choose checks all the marks for functionality.

If you’re looking to learn more about how surveys work, here’s a list of the types of surveys you can create.

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